Skin Diseases


Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, and are very common in Hong Kong, especially in women. It is mainly transmitted through contact infection, for example, using the unclean towels in beauty salons or gym. However, many patients mistakenly treat warts as acne, whereas the latter appears due to clogged pores and the condition will change over time, which is different from warts. In fact, it is depending on the needs of the patients in seeking for the treatment or not. As the wart is infected through contact, there is no radical treatment for the disease. One of the treatment options is to burn the wart with the use of very high heat, which can be cured at once. If the wart is larger in size, two to three times of the treatment are needed. In addition, patients can use the laser treatment, the effect is similar with the high heat method. Patients can also apply vitamin A acid topical cream to treat the wart, but it takes a long time.


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