Skin Diseases


It is very difficult to stand the itchiness of urticaria. Its causes are related to the release of chemical substances under the skin, which cause the blood vessels in the affected area to open up, causing the swelling and itchiness. Urticaria can be acute or chronic. Acute urticaria is rather temporary, which last for less than 6 weeks, and the triggers of the disease are unknown in many of the cases. It is normally related to viral infections, such as cold or allergic reaction to medications, and antihistamine medication can be used for relieving the symptoms. For chronic urticaria, the symptoms usually last more than 6 weeks. The cause of the disease has to be identified in order to have the respective treatment. Some of causes may be allergic reactions to medications or parasites found in the body. The allergic reactions may be due to the excessive production of antibodies for destroying the parasites.


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