Skin Diseases

Hair loss

Hair loss can be divided into two types. Alopecia Areata, commonly known as patchy hair loss, is a condition more prevalent in children and women. The condition is mainly caused by stress-induced hormonal imbalances. If no other doubt factors are found that need further examination, prescribed topical corticosteroids or corticosteroid injections onto the bald patches can be used to enhance the appearance of the patient. 70-80% of the patients will recover within 6 months to one year, and corticosteroid injections can effectively speed up the recovery progress. As for men’s hair loss, it is usually affected by heredity factors or male hormones, which may cause hair follicles to shrink and enter a permanent dormant state. Using shampoo with a high concentration of caffeine, herbal hair tonic, taking prescription medicines or using a cold laser comb are effective methods in treating hair loss of men. For men’s hair loss treatment, a mixed combination of treatment methods is preferred rather than just relying on one method.


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