Skin Diseases


More prevalent in children, about 70-80% of the patients will recover before puberty. Genetic factor is the main cause of the eczema. Lack of protective layer of skin may easily cause water loss, which leads to dry skin and more prone to inflammation. If the eczema is acute, it is recommended to use the topical steroid under doctor’s instruction first; while by the time the inflamed area has been relieved by 40-50%, non-steroid anti-inflammatory topical cream can be used. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary for the patients to abstain from certain food, but they are advised to use advanced moisturizing products frequently to keep skin moist, in order to prevent reoccurrence. Moreover, it is important to keep the household environment clean, avoid putting fluffy toys and remember to clear any accumulation of dust. On the contrary, if the patient has persistent diarrhea, it may be due to allergy to some kind of food, further examination is recommended.


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