Skin Diseases

Axillary hyperhidrosis

Normally using antiperspirants can treat the disease, but if the condition causes embarrassment or unpleasant body odour, the patient can opt for treatment according to their needs. Among all, Botox injection in the armpit is a popular treatment method. The condition will be significantly improved, i.e. reduction in sweat, two to three days after the injection. The patients have to receive injections every three to four months and then, and they may feel a slight painfulness during injection. On the other hand, ultrasound can also be used to destroy some sweat glands. In addition to the pain induced in the treatment process, there may also be a risk of getting superficial burn as there are nerves all around the armpit. The recovery process only takes about one to two weeks, without leaving scars. Surgically removing the armpit nerves is also one of the treatment options for hyperhidrosis, but it takes a longer time for recovery, and will leave a scar.


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