Skin Diseases


Many office ladies suffer from acne due to the stress, improper use of cosmetic products or incompletely removing make-ups. Applying BB cream on the face for a long period of time may cause blockage of hair follicles. Even worse, when patients choose to use water based make-up remover or wet wipes instead of cleansing oil to clean their face, remaining the make-up residue on their face. Long time exposure to UV radiation will also cause stimulation to hair follicles. To effectively cure the acne, the very first step is to modify the usual face cleaning habits and focus on oil control; followed by removal of acne scars; and finally preventing the acne to grow again. For the treatment of acne, prevention is very important. Patients are recommended to apply vitamin A acid night cream on their face, taking prescription medication such as antibiotics, birth control pills or Isotretinoin. Although taking medication may have side effects, it is very effective in controlling inflammation. As for the elimination of acne scars and concave marks, laser treatment can be used after the acne has been cured.


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